Armed Hostilities

Causes and Consequences of World War I

Table of Contents
  1. Introduction
  2. World War I (1914-1918)
  3. Nationalism, Imperialism, and WWI
  4. The Rise of the Militarists
  5. References


The WW I is considered one of the most devastating and horrible military conflicts in the history of humanity, which resulted in the creation of the new world order and the collapse of numerous states and empires. The new weapons and strategies contributed to the increased cruelty and led to millions of victims. Yet, the given conflict was triggered by a set of various reasons and interests of the dominant states, which tried to consolidate their advantage (Causes and Consequences of World War I, n.d.). The given site could provide general information about the main causes and consequences of WWI. The information is supported by detailed descriptions and maps, which contribute to a better understanding of the political situation and the aftermath of this great military conflict of the 20th century. The source could be recommended for people who want to obtain general information about the causes of WWI.

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World War I (1914-1918)

The given military conflict became the first great event of the 20th century. The world’s most powerful states were involved in the opposition and tried to protect their interests or guarantee the survival of the nation. Yet, the term World War is also used to emphasize the scale of the conflict and its overwhelming impact on the evolution of states all over the world. America had a history of noninvolvement in European wars (World War I (1914-1918), n.d.); however, the state was not able to ignore the given confrontation because of the threat posed by Germany and its submarines. In this regard, the USA entered a war and became a significant factor. The given site delves into the American contribution to the development of this conflict and military operations performed by the US army. It could be recommended as a credible source to investigate the given aspect of history.

Nationalism, Imperialism, and WWI

Considering the character of WWI and the number of states involved in the opposition, it is impossible to state the only reason which triggered the development of the conflict. Additionally, there is no certain state which could be accepted as the initiator of the given confrontation. The fact is that the political situation at the beginning of the 20th century promoted the aggravation of international relations and increased tension (Nationalism, Imperialism, and WWI, n.d.). Furthermore, imperialism and nationalism of the leading powers contributed to the appearance of new interests that predetermined the reconsideration of the existing world order. The given site considers these two phenomena as the main causes of war and tends to trace their development. The source could provide the relevant information related to the grounds of German nationalism and imperialism and the peculiarities of its evolution.

The Rise of the Militarists

The rapid changes in the mentality of people and the evolution of the new perspective on the development of a certain society called militarism are also considered the important causes of war. The industrial potential of the dominant states promoted the reconsideration of priorities and acceptance of war as the only possible way to guarantee the further growth of a certain nation (The Rise of the Militarists, n.d.). In this regard, WW I seemed inevitable as it was taken as the only way to attain success and obtain extra powers. The site analyzes the shifts in peoples mentality and the major concerns related to the development of militarism in terms of a certain state. It also tends to draw a parallel between the rise of German militarism and the outbreak of war, which resulted in the collapse of this very militarist society.


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World War I (1914-1918). (n.d.). Web.

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