Armed Hostilities

Counterterrorism Efforts in the Global Arena

The modern international relations are characterized by numerous tensions arising from conflicts in areas traditionally associated with terrorism and extremist groups. The war in Syria can serve as perfect evidence of the complexity of the global intercourse (Hoffman, 2017).

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Under these conditions, security concerns acquire the top priority as nations face the unprecedented level of terrorist threat (Law, 2016). To protect citizens and guarantee the preservation of public peace, security agencies elaborate new approaches that will be able to investigate existing problematic issues and create a safe environment. The synchronization of efforts of federal, state, and local agencies can be considered one of these measures that can eliminate all existing loopholes and minimize the level of threat.

Delving into the question, it is critical to reveal the scope of the problem and tendencies regarding its further revolution. In accordance with the relevant statistics, 77 countries all over the world experienced at least one death from terror in 2016 (“Terrorism – statistics & facts,” n.d.). Additionally, recent terrorist acts in France and Belgium and plane crashes due to the explosive bombs evidence a significant scope of the issue and the necessity to introduce appropriate tools to prevent the emergence of new terrorist attacks and fatalities (Hoffman, 2017). The given question acquires the top priority among security agencies working at different levels to monitor the current state of the terrorist threat and save people.

However, the issue is complicated by the tendency towards the diversification of methods used by malefactors to perform acts of terror. The rise of technologies provided them with new equipment that can be utilized to find loopholes in security systems (Roser, Nagdy, & Ritchie, 2018). Additionally, the problem of uncontrolled migration from war-torn countries and thousands of refugees turns the monitoring of terrorists movements into an extremely challenging task that demands much efforts and numerous resources (Roser et al., 2018). All these factors aggravate the current state of the question and require specific attention.

Under these conditions, cooperation and synchronization of agencies functioning at different levels become the only possible option to resist the threat and engage in efficient collaboration to struggle against terrorism. First, the given partnership promotes improved information sharing practices, which means higher awareness levels among security specialists in different regions as they will be provided with the latest data about the activity of certain terrorist groups and organization (Morell & Harlow, 2015).

Second, synchronization of efforts cultivates the enhanced delegation and distribution of tasks. In other words, federal, state, and local agencies will work in particular directions outlined in accordance with a roadmap accepted by all actors (White, 2016). It will also help to reduce misunderstandings and eliminate the lack of cooperation between different authorities or intelligence services emerging during the attempts to discover a terrorist cell (White, 2016). Finally, the given synchronization will help to generate more efficient security systems and approaches to minimize the number of terrorist acts.

In conclusion, the cooperation between agencies at different levels is vital to the national effort against terrorism as it guarantees the elaboration of the unified approaches to monitor the terrorist activity and prevent the emergence of new acts of terror. Additionally, regarding the increased diversity of methods to organize a terrorist act utilized by malefactors, the given approach becomes the only possible measure to assess multiple vulnerabilities and eliminate existing loopholes. In this regard, the promotion of the synchronization of efforts acquires the top priority today.

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