Fleet Strategy: Boeing and Airbus Comparison

Operations and logistical officers must identify the best models to achieve their business goals. One of the most important issues to consider is acquiring the right resources that can delivery meaningful results. This paper discusses the unique differences between a Boeing and an Airbus and proposes the best aircraft for supporting a powerful fleet strategy.

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Critical Performance and Capability

Boeing and Airbus are rivals in the global aviation industry. Although Airbus has been competitive in terms of revenues and stock prices, the most outstanding fact is that its planes are not different from those of Boeing. The companies produce superior crafts that can support the goals of different airlines and institutions. Their aircrafts have more or less the same critical performance rates. The capabilities of their aircrafts are also the same.

Since there are no significant differences between the products marketed by these two companies, every buyer should monitor the specific attributes of different airplanes before making his or her decision. This is the case because the corporations produce reliable and efficient aircrafts that can complete a wide range of logistical operations. Consequently, the companies have continued to manufacture and market superior aircrafts that compete in the global arena.

Airbus 321neo and Boeing 737 Max10
Attributes Airbus 321neo Boeing 737 Max 10
Aircraft size 44 meters, wingspan (35.92 m) 44.2 meters, wingspan (35.8 m)
Seats 2-class (189) 2-class (193)
Range 3,515 nm 3,500 nm
Fuel quantity 10,707 US gal (40,530 L) 32,940 l (8,700 USg)
Fuel consumption 2.19 L/100 km (per seat) 2.53 L/100 km (per seat)
Price Around $129.9 million US$129.5 million
Maintenance cost Low Low
Lease price Below 400,000 USD Below 400,000 USD
Spare parts/region Global/available Global/available
No. of engines 2 2
Smooth flying Yes Yes
Resale value High High
Aisle Single Single
Safety Admirable Admirable

Table 1: Comparing Airbus 321neo and Boeing 737 Max10.

From this table, it is agreeable that Airbus 321neo and Boeing 737 Max 10 have similar features, sizes, and capabilities. However, the major issues to consider when selecting the best option include fuel efficiency, fuel consumption, and cost. This table shows clearly that Airbus 321neo can support the fleet strategy of the targeted company. The first reason for this argument is that the aircraft is efficient in terms of fuel consumption.

It is also notable that the craft consumes 2.19 liters of jet fuel for every 100km while its rival consumes 2.53 liters. This consumption rate is presented per every passenger or seat. The second reason for selecting the craft is because it is affordable. It would be cheaper and economical to maintain this aircraft. However, its competitor is also affordable and easy to maintain.

The above decision can be supported by the fact that Airbus 321neo is an efficient aircraft with an admirable safety record. Although the craft has around 189 seats, it is quite clear that its fuel efficiency and low maintenance costs make it an admirable choice. The craft’s resale value is also high, thereby making it a worthwhile investment. The company can also decide to lease the craft whenever there is such a need.

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This discussion shows clearly that Boeing and Airbus are profitable giant corporations that offer similar products to their global customers. Their crafts perform efficiently and support the needs of many customers. However, Airbus 321neo appears to be the best option when compared with Boeing’s 737 Max 10. The decision to purchase this aircraft from Airbus will support the business model of the targeted corporation and eventually make it profitable.

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