Armed Hostilities

Nazis’ Persecution and Mistreatment of Jews


The Holocaust is a historic black spot that remains a memory of the dangers of dictatorship and racial ideology that tarnishes social cohesion and economic thrive. Adolf Hitler is the mastermind and infamous perpetrator of this heinous regime that stripped humanity from the Jews. With the position of Chancellor, Hitler enacted the Enabling Act that favored his iron fist that sort to redeem Germany from the political and economic depression that rose after the World War I. The Nazi regime sorted to completely eradicate the influence of the Jews and other ‘inferior’ groups that compromised the integrity and greatness of Germany. The Jews became frustrated in their economic, social, and political welfare due to the spread and impact of Germany’s superiority as a race. The elements that fueled the holocaust include but were not limited to hereditary anti-Semitism, war, propaganda, political dominance, and racial segregation, which heavily resulted in anti-Semitism among the Germans. Despite the knowledge of how the Jews were suffering, the German population collaborated with the Nazi regime to assert a myth on racial superiority. The Holocaust was, therefore, founded on individual choices among the Germans, whether to do the best or the right thing.

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Religious Anti-Semitism

Fundamentally, the hatred for the Jews diminished the Christianity claims in Germany since many evangelists were ruthlessly persecuted, and their lives turned into a nightmare. The aspect of religion was shunted aside, and racial despise reigned in Germany. However, the Germans had the option of relinquishing the powers of the Nazis against the Jews under Christianity grounds, but they opted to get corrupted and denounce them. Christianity is a major religion practiced in Germany, but their greed for racial superiority deprived the sanctity of the jews spreading the good news. All evangelists were stripped of their religious duties and left jobless, wrecking their livelihood and average social growth. The spirit of anti-Semitism was extensively advocated by Hitler and his government, which influenced the hearts and minds of Germans into condemning the Jews. Long periods of religious rivalry compelled most Germans to denounce their belief in Christianity, thus, evidence of collaboration with Hitler against the Jews.

Political Dominance

Additionally, with the political bias regime, the activists and humanitarians were oppressed to rectify the injustice against the Jews. The Jews had several revolts against the Nazis, but their vim for freedom could not match the military artillery enforced by Hitler to ensure Germany’s prosperity. The political rivals were arrested and detained as the Nazis labeled them as enemies of the state. They were sent into concentration camps to be tortured and punished for their nuisance and disobedience against Hitler. Trade unionists were also detained as their influence on Jews, especially after world war one which crippled Germany’s economy. The purpose of doing this was a strategy of seizing control over the already weakened democratic system, thus, lure Germans from communism and into anti-Semitism.

Unruly Propaganda

Consequently, the Nazis spread bohemian propaganda against the Jews, which intensified the tension between the inferior and superior races. The Nazis intended to gain the favor of the citizens against the Jews under false accusations. The Jews were accused of causing the economic downfall of Germany after the World War I; this tarnished their image and intentions. This forced the skeptical citizens to collaborate and enforce the laws depicted by Hitler against the Jews. The Nazis forged historical information and records to create fake proof that the Jews were perpetrators of the state. The Jews had no power over social influence, thus, greatly undermining peace and co-existence with the German inhabitants. Kershaw elaborated the effects of propaganda by “…repeatedly acknowledged how much Hitler’s run of diplomatic coups had undermined their attempts at subversive propaganda” (133). Hitler devised a criminal code that persecuted homosexuals among the Jews; therefore, any allegation that implied homosexuality led to imprisonment and conviction without trial.

Social Decimation

Nonetheless, the Nazi’s persecution of the Jews adversely affected their social prowess and communal development. Hitler’s law on forced sterilization was a socially despicable impact on the Jews. The scientists who advised Hitler claimed the ideology of ‘selective breeding’ to boost the superiority of the German race (Kershaw 254). This unruly operation was meant to curtail the spread of ‘inferior races’ and improve the quality of the human race. Thus, grouped with other vulnerable groups such as the blacks, who were considered a minority race. The Jew offspring were sterilized to act as a mitigator for the huge population that would ruin the ‘perfect’ genetic make-up of the Germans as intended by Hitler. New laws were enacted and combined with traditional prejudice against the Jews, which grouped them as an expendable race and a criminal bound antecedent. The Jews were prohibited from attending public schools. Thus, education was only meant for the superior species.

Kristallnacht Operation

Nevertheless, the Kristallnacht program may have had the biggest impact on the position of the Jews through economic and social humiliation. This was the climax of the holocaust since the Nazis joined forces with civilians against the Jews, marking their acceptance of Hitler’s reign. The night of the broken glass is freshly remembered due to the brutality and ruthlessness that the Jews faced against their rights and freedoms. The Nazis’ crooks broke into the business places of the Jews, destroying merchandise and burning down residential places. Many Jews were arrested and murdered under the command of Hitler (Kershaw 221). The civilians showed no mercy or remorse as they broke into their houses. The arrested Jews were sent into concentration camps where they were treated as criminals and denied any form of freedom to practice their rights. It implied that the Germans were rooting for the Nazis against the Jews through their participation in ruining their lives. The children were sent to juvenile camps where they were raised as an inferior species.

Racial Discrimination

Subsequently, there was racial segregation where the Jews were treated as imposters and unwanted individuals. The Germans ultimately supported this inhumane act against the Jews due to several impending factors. The rule on racial discrimination was forcefully taught in schools; thus, the younger generation was prepared for the battle against the Jews. This caused the bush-fire spread of Nazis ideologies, thus, compelling the reaction of the Germans. The government hypnotized the Germans into tolerating the oppression of Jews without care or compassion for humanity (Kershaw 167). The German’s reaction was through the purchase of dead Jews’ property, voting for selective breeding, and active participation in the raid of Kristallnacht. Their response was due to the political control that Hitler had over them. The citizens who tried to help the Jews were persecuted along with them as they were viewed as espionage, ready to demolish the stable and developed Germany.

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Undoubtedly, the Jews were forcefully and falsely mistreated due to the racial ideology of Hitler, who influenced the mass. The bigger population of the Germans supported the Nazi’s persecution of Jews while the opposing community was intimidated beyond acting. Therefore, the Germans responded against the Jews due to a lack of an ultimatum. The aspects of politics, propaganda, racial superiority, and individual choices drove the entire process of persecuting Jews. The holocaust acts as a study point to teach the future generation the dangers of enacting a dictator’s ideologies blindly.

Works Cited

Kershaw, Ian. Hitler, the Germans, and the Final Solution. Yale University Press, 2009.

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