Armed Hostilities

Non-Conventional Terrorism and Protection

Table of Contents
  1. Introduction
  2. Discussion
  3. Conclusion
  4. Reference


The world of people from the ancient times is divided into two categories: those possessing positive attitude towards others, and those who reject such a kind of behavior. The problem of the crime which is not expected to appear and mainly is not punished, meaning terrorism, is the chimera of the twenty-first century in terms of different factors as of the political situation and changes provided, geographic location and the flow of technological decisions of a rather high level. Among the types of terrorism the most inevitable and unpredictable one is non-conventional which terrifies by its unexplored nature and effects.

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The attempts of many countries to unite for the sake of terror prevention are significant for counterterrorist actions, but as Griset and Mahan write in their work Terrorism in Perspective: “Counterterrorist programs will prevent many terrorist attacks but will not prevent them all.” (Griset & Mahan, 296) The authors point out also the consistent pattern which is concerned with terrorism itself: “Terrorism happens. It should never be accepted, but it should always be expected.” (Griset & Mahan, 296)

When the security system of the United States went flop on September 11, 2001, the reaction towards immediate preserving of Americans from a believable disaster of terrorism, but it was late actually, too many deaths of people were counted at that time.

The hidden nature of terror is a specific feature of it. It strives to obtain results by looking at the example of Machiavelli who once wrote that end justifies means. From the other viewpoint, the vast majority of people tend to think that Islam teaches to follow terror, but Cindy Combs once objected in her book: “Islam is not, in any sense, a violent religion. Nor are Christianity, Judaism, or any of the other religions in whose name violence has been carried out. However, the mixture of religion and politics has quite often resulted in violence, frequently against innocent victims…” (Combs, 19, 2000)

Today the terrorism can avoid traditional suicides and use of bombs and other weapons, so that to achieve its aims. Today the most popular become the researches on the psychotropic weapon which is aimed to make people do things which they do not want to do, meaning unintentional action, causing harms of various levels. This is said to be used today and nobody knows where it will lead then and how people should be protected from an intrusion into their psyche.

Moreover, the flow of Internet is rather great when promoting terrorist groups and their requirements, but this means is not so difficult to plan for terrorist act and, in fact, most of these sites contain information without reminding death and destruction. On the other hand, Weapon of Mass Destruction is ominous in its nature and when designating all types of it an expert would agree that “of all the weapons of mass destruction available, the immediate and delayed destructive effects of an attack with an intact nuclear weapon would be the most severe.” (Cortright & Lopez, 124, 2007)


To conclude, it is vital to enumerate the measures which are recommended for governments in terms of terrorism protection:

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  1. Counterterrorist perspectives should play significant role in foreign policy of a country;
  2. Threats of terror should be classified and evaluated in detail;
  3. Peacemaking process should be followed as a variant of prevention;
  4. Legislation should play a limited role;
  5. Keep terrorist list honest;
  6. Engage state sponsors in terms of reciprocal collaboration. (Griest & Mahan 300).


Griset, Pamala L., Mahan, S. (2002) Terrorism in perspective. SAGE.

Combs, Cindy C. (1999) Terrorism in the twenty-first century. Ed. 2. Prentice Hall.

Cortright, David, Lopez, George A. (2007) Uniting against terror: cooperative nonmilitary responses to the global terrorist threat. MIT Press.

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