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Question 1. What is corporal punishment?

Corporal punishment means hitting or spanking with the hand or with an object like a stick or a belt, causing pain but not harm. The purpose is to bring about change in behaviour.

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Question 2. How is it used to control and discipline students?

When students do not heed instructions, warnings and engage in undesirable or dangerous behaviour, they need to be controlled. Hitting and causing physical pain is an unpleasant experience for them. It is just enough to give them an idea of the unpleasantness but does not cause any serious harm. The fear of being subjected to similar and more intense unpleasant experience prevents them from misbehaving. The change is sure and quick, and is often used as a last resort when all other attempts fail.

Question 3. What could be the negative influence of using it on children?

There can be a number of negative effects of corporal punishment. Sometimes, there is physical harm like welts, injuries, blisters or scratches. Sometimes students experience severe pain. There have been cases where children’s limbs have been damaged or children have lost their sight or hearing. Severe physical pain can be traumatic. Children develop a fear about school, remain absent or revolt against teachers. It affects their motivation and academic performance negatively. Children may become more aggressive and violent in later life. They lose self respect and self esteem.

Question 4. What could be the positive impacts of using it on children?

If children are too adamant, stubborn and unbending, corporal punishment works fast and sure. Growing children need some kind of strict control as much as they need love and understanding. Once in a while, corporal punishment is essential to let them know what can happen if they misbehave. Sometimes, they do not understand the dangers and risks involved, for example, if they play with electrical wires or sharp and dangerous equipments. If they refuse to listen, one is compelled to take aid of corporal punishment.

Question 5. Synonyms/ substitutes:

– Control – authority, regulating agent, domination, force
– Discipline – restraint, regulation
– Technique- procedure, manner, means
– Effective – efficient, impressive, powerful
Question 6. The assignment topic asks you to take a point of view about whether corporal punishment is an effective technique to control children. You may have to adapt (modify) your ideas to show what you believe about the topic. Therefore list your opinions about the topic.
– The topic is of prime importance in the field of education.
– A lot of evidence based research activities need to be carried out.
– The topic is becoming more and more serious in modern times.
– It is a controversial topic.
– Governments and school authorities must work together and design policies about corporal punishment.
– There should not be any controversy: corporal punishment must not be permitted in any form of degree.
Question 7. The assignment topic wants you to modify (revise/adjust/transform) the reader’s opinions about what they think is the truth and what the experts/research actually proves about the topic. This also means your ideas might need to change. Therefore, what do you already know about the consequences of corporal punishment?
– I know that corporal punishment is against humanitarian principles.
– It can have permanent, long lasting and severe negative effects.
– It may lead to suicide or death of children.
– It does not achieve anything extraordinary which cannot be achieved through alternative means.
Question 8. To discuss the topic efficiently (well, professionally, powerfully, capably) you have to make sure you do not confuse your readers. So consider where and what you will research about this topic.
– Review the literature of researches that have been carried out in all parts of the world.

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