Armed Hostilities

Positive and Negative Effects of the Second World War

Table of Contents
  1. Introduction
  2. Positive Effects of the Second World War
  3. Negative Effects of the Second World War
  4. Conclusion
  5. Reference List


War is a great disaster for mankind as it leads to numerous deaths. The world is full of different armed conflicts and local wars which are devastating. Still, looking at the history of mankind, it is possible to remember the most destructive wars, the First World War and the Second World War. Taking the lives of people, destroying their homes and the whole country, these two events were very important. People live in this modern world only because these wars took place. Considering the consequences of the Second World War, there were both positive and negative effects; the world was ruined and many people remained without relatives and homes, still, Nazism was defeated and some other positive effects were noticed.

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Positive Effects of the Second World War

The main positive effect of the Second World War was freedom, as “freedom was the unifying aim of the Allied nations,… a new world of equal nations and human rights” (Lightbody, 2004, p. 268). After the Second World War people knew that their main aim was reached and they may be afraid of nothing. The feeling of freedom was in hearts right after the understanding of victory and people even forgot for some time about the losses they suffered during the war.

The other positive effect of the Second World War was the creation of the peace-keeping organization and giving some rights to newly liberated nations. On the first major conference in February 1945 at Yalta, the leaders of the USA, Great Britain, France, and the Soviet Union created a peace-keeping organization, the United Nations. Moreover, the newly liberal nations were allowed to choose the form of government they want to develop (Hatt, 2006, p. 56).

Furthermore, the other positive fact of the Second World War was the unconditional surrender of Germany. Robin Havers (2002) said that Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt “following their deliberations they issued a joint ultimatum to Germany, demanding that she surrender unconditionally. This was a major development; it effectively ruled out a negotiated peace in the future” (p. 91).

One more positive effect of the Second World War was the development of innovative technologies. Of course, during the war, innovative technologies were directed on mass and war needs. Still, the budget which was centered on the development of innovative technologies during the war allowed using received knowledge after the war events (Geels, 2005, p.215). So, the Second World War finished and people got great opportunities, in spite of numerous devastations.

Negative Effects of the Second World War

One of the main negative results of the Second World War is the number of deaths from both sides of the conflict. There are still no definite numbers on how many people died in that terrible war. Parker R. A. C. (2001) mentions that about 20 million people were killed in the Soviet Union and it was only citizens. This number includes about 2 million people who were prisoners and died in German camps. Still, it is noticed that according to some data the number of dead Soviet Union people was about 50 million. There are no trusted numbers of soldiers who were killed in the war. The number of dead Jews is shocking, about 80 million people. Japanese claim on 1,740,000 men lost in the war (Parker, 201, p. 283). It is impossible to enumerate all losses suffered during the war.

People’s losses were numerous, still, the material devastations are also magnificent. Taking the USA, the enemy did not step on its land, but the costs were great. The Soviet Union suffered the most:

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In the west of the country quarters of all houses in the countryside had been destroyed. Two thirds of all wealth disappeared. For mile after mile there were no houses, no roads, no bridges, no telegraph poles. Most of the livestock were dead. Industry and communications were in ruins” (Ross, 2003, p.40).

The Second World War was the most devastating and ruining. It is impossible to remember any other war where such people lose can be enumerated and such territory ravages of war may be seen. Still, looking at the negative effects of the war it is impossible to say that the finish of the war is bad. Otherwise, people received what they wanted, freedom, and can just watch on the negative results of the war and do not allow its repetition in the future.


In conclusion, the Second World War had both negative and positive effects. First of all, people received desired freedom, newly liberated countries had an opportunity to choose the style of government, the peace-keeping organization appeared, and the territory problems were decided. Still, this war was the most ruining and devastating. Considering the information on dead people, those who were left without houses, the countries’ manufacturing and other losses it may be concluded that war is not the method of problems decision. Nazism was defeated and the desired goals were reached but still, the costs of the war are too huge, so people should remember the lessons learned out of it.

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