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Read and answer the following questions:


Please answer the following questions in complete sentences. The assignment is due Saturday before noon.


  1. Who is Gunnar Myrdal. What did he call US associations?
  2. What becomes society’s “central organizing principle” after slavery ended?
  3. What was the one organization that gained membership after the Civil War?
  4. Why was it necessary for nonwhite groups to form their own associations?
  5. What benefits did African American fraternal orders offer its members?
  6. What traditionally white organization adopted an interracial charter in 1946?
  7. Define “ethnic nationalism.” Give examples from the black, Chicano and Native American experience.
  8. Who was Marcus Garvey?
  9. What was the UNIA? Describe its goals.
  10. What eventually happened to Garvey?
  11. Why did Malcolm X go to prison?
  12. What were the goals of the Nation of Islam?
  13. What is the Hajj?
  14. Who are more likely to join civic organizations, whites or nonwhites?
  15. What seems to be the one variable that is most closely associated with joining civic organizations?
  16. What is the best explanation for Asian Americans lack of participation in civic organizations?
  17. What is homophily, especially in regard to one’s choice of civic activity?
  18. What did MLK say was “the most segregated hour in this nation”?
  19. What are the goals of Jack and Jill of America? Who are its members?
  20. With integration has civic engagement gone up or down? How do you explain this (2 reasons)?
  21. What is the “Florida Effect”?
  22. What does MEChA stand for? What are its goals?
  23. Which two black businesses are considered “the second-best means of communication” after the black church?
  24. What do Pedro Corzo, Jose Gonzales and David Ritcheson have in common?
  25. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center how many hate groups are currently active in the US?
  26. What 3 factors have led to white evangelicals contributing to the race problem in the US?

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