Armed Hostilities

Terrorist Hazards and Education Role in Security


Since the new hazards connected to terrorism have a great impact on many states globally, they have been recognized as the core threats to tranquility and national security (Kamien, 2012). ‘Terrorism’ originated from the term ‘terror’, which is attributable to the fact that the main plan of terrorists is to propagate fear. The hazards associated with terrorism at all times lead to the affliction or death of guiltless individuals as the terrorists behind such practices make use of the ensuing victims as a means of calling for the accomplishment of their predetermined commands or stipulations.

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The new hazards denote fatal attacks on innocent individuals, which are usually carried out in densely populated regions in an endeavor of achieving as many victims and deaths as achievable (Kamien, 2012). On this note, the criminals behind such hazards ought to be punished heavily as they cause demise as well as other horrible effects on guiltless people irrespective of any explanation for the actions.

The degree of such hazards is supposed to be evaluated not anchored simply in the number of individuals dead or strongly suffering but also by the effect on blameless people, the political structures, and the global community. The inhabitants of the targeted areas are mostly the greatest hit by the new hazards associated with terrorism. It is impossible for such hazards to have a noteworthy effect devoid of victims as that may lead to the failure to accomplish their major goals.

By ambushing a nation or region at the most susceptible time, terrorists aspire to demonstrate to the government that the set protective systems are weak and might be breached effortlessly (Bullock, Haddow, & Coppola, 2017). This acts as a method and means of leaving all the people in fear over and above evoking the view that no one is ever secure. By directing their actions on innocent individuals, terrorist groups endeavor to bring into disrepute the current government or coerce it to abide by their demands.

A critical challenge lies in the facilitation of the success of hazard prevention and management approaches through using education to change focus from recuperation and response to proactive measures that highlight mitigation and deterrence, in addition to the creation of organizations that present an opportune and successful reaction when essential. Strategies anchored in public education at the community level may lessen underlying vulnerability, protect health facilities, and boost response to gratify all-embracing demands caused by the occurrence of such hazards (Bullock et al., 2017). The rising prevalence of hazards associated with terrorism around the world calls for the provision of awareness and knowledge to the public through education.

This way, discussions on the importance of preparedness, the best means of preventing hazards associated with terrorism, and the most appropriate safety practices to take when they occur might be extremely helpful for efficient prevention and management. Offering vital information through education ensures that people are enlightened on successful reaction and preparedness for terrorism hazards.

Designing and Execution of a Public Education Campaign

Designing and implementation of public education campaigns regarding terrorism hazards may be carried out through drills in institutions of learning, workplaces, and public places, akin to the ones of fire escape strategies. Such public education campaigns should enlighten people on how to find the closest exit point or rush to a place that will offer the safest protection from terrorism hazards. Moreover, schools and places of work ought to have a person that will be assigned a handgun as a means of defense from such occurrences. Shooting a terrorist prior to accomplishing his/her mission may go a long way to saving lives and property.

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Setting an emergency escape route could be a good tactic but when there are severe injuries, people ought to be trained on how to carry out First-Aid before the arrival of first responders. In their study, Bullock, Haddow, and Coppola (2016, p. 107) affirmed that “managing the expanded community hazard profile demands investment in training, protective equipment and gear, specialized technical capabilities, and enhancements to public health networks.” In this regard, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) was commenced following the 9/11 terrorism to assist in the preparedness, avoidance, alleviation, and response to hazards associated with terrorism.

Addressing the Information that Will be Presented and Offering a Strategy for Presentation

Information provided in public education campaigns ought to include how to identify such things as explosives, biological and chemical agents, their impact, and the most suitable prevention and response strategies (Pelfrey Jr, 2014). Such information does not have to be provided in depth; nevertheless, sources such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Federal Emergency Management Agency websites ought to be given through which additional details may be acquired. Upon the development of public education campaigns, they ought to be executed. Announcing public education campaigns could be undertaken through a press release, social media, handouts and kits during media days, local print, and electronic mail to mention a few.


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