Armed Hostilities

The History and Causes of War in Iraq


Ever since the end of the Gulf slaughter in 1991, US and Britain have been participating in a war against Iraq whose aim was to disarm them of weapons of mass destruction, put to an end the Saddam Hussein’s reign which supported terrorism and then free the Iraqi people. They had imposed economic sanctions against Iraq denying the delivery of the most-needed medical and other supplies. The Bush administration pointed out that by removing Saddam from power, international peace as well as security would be restored. The troops would also gain the entire control of the oilfields and could dominate the Middle East administration regulating the oil supply.

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I strongly support the war in Iraq and the US troops should continue invading the Iraqis. To back up my opinion I have the following four strong reasons:

Terrorism will become out of hand if we pull out of the war

Iraq through the president Hussein Saddam had ties with terrorist groups such as Al-Qaeda and also provided kind of sponsorship to other terrorist groups like ones from Palestine which are there no more. He was believed to have rewarded the Palestine suicide bombers a certain financial token in order to back up their support for terrorism. The existence and availability of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) mainly chemical, biological or nuclear weapons to any country, was a danger to the rest. Iraq’s allegation to have the weapons deemed a threat to the western national security. The terrorists were believed to access these weapons and even trained from Iraq to fulfill their stated ambitions of killing a great number of innocent people around the world particularly in US. This was not a practice to be given opportunity to happen by the United States and other nations, but every means possible was tried to ensure its defeat. The war occupied the enemy in Iraq giving them no chance to organize plans to attack and kill Americans across the globe. In other words, the fight against these terrorists in Iraq by Americans in uniform ensured safety of the American people. Unfortunately two assumptions are used when taking this statement which lacks the desired evidence. Firstly the terrorist threats to US would be great if not for the Iraq war and secondly that the war is reducing the overall number of the terrorists. But taking the fact that the Middle East countries are believed to consist of many terrorists (Islamic jihadists), a war against them would decrease their superiority over the region thus lowering the probability of their attacks.

It is an abuse of our freedom which we should defend

In the 1998 US Embassy bombings which targeted the embassies in East Africa region, as well as the terrorist attacks on the World Trade centre on September 11th 2001, hundreds of people were killed in various car explosions. These simultaneous explosions were linked with the Al-Qaeda terrorist network which was believed to be supported by then Iraq leader, Hussein. This brought insecurity issues to US citizens in the fear of subsequent attacks. Hence they had to stand up and guard their freedom which was been violated by this culprits.

Serves as a tool to bring democracy to the Middle East countries

Saddam has been known to be brutal to the citizens ever since he climbed into power. He had used his authority, to deny the people under him their deserved human rights. All this pathetic and inhuman activities were supervised by the leader’s son Qusay who went even to an extent of throwing innocent people in a shredding machine. They stayed and watched while the victims suffered a lot of pain through all this torture and brutal killings. The intensity through which this brutality was carried out was a clear indication of irrationality among the Iraqis. The US and British troops also uncovered the brutality of this regime through mass graves for many political prisoners Hence the war came up as liberation in order to bring down the Hussein Empire whose governance tactics were merely dictatorial. This came in board with introduction of an interim government with stable policies.

Obtain full control of the petroleum quotas

Basically after the war, we would gain the full control of the tremendous oil reserves which forms the largest contribution to the economy. Once all this is achieved the oil production in Iraq would increase and deviate immensely from the quotas offered by OPEC hence dismantling OPEC’s price controls. We will gain the entire mandate of deciding what quantity as well as the appropriate time to offer the oil for trade. The country will be capable of producing quotas which OPEC will be unable to absorb, hence a sole regulator of them. This will make it a partisan beneficiary of the oil returns obtained. Also this money will also be coupled in reconstructing the country after the war is over.


I boldly encourage the invasion to go on until the targeted objectives will be realized. This will be having more benefits as opposed to the havoc and destruction involved.

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