Armed Hostilities

The Problem of Terrorism Prevention

Table of Contents
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In fact, terrorism is an everlasting problem; it has been practiced in the course of human history in different political ideologies. The importance of the phenomenon of terrorism may be explained by a great number of definitions, which exist, and the scientists’ inability to find a unanimously acclaimed definition. However, the majority of researchers agree that the definition of terrorism should be based on three main factors: the method used by terrorists, which is violence; the target of the activity, which is usually aimed at the government of separate individuals; and the aim of the activity, which is the desire to terrorize population or to force the government to provide changes, either social or political. The well-known tragic events of September 11, 2001, have shown the topicality of the problem of terrorism to the whole world. It is necessary to establish international cooperation in order to struggle against terrorism, and each government should develop innovative strategies of the struggle against terrorism while special attention should be paid to the financial front in the global war on terrorism (Howard & Sawyer, 2003, p.51).

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Main body

Terrorists raise, move, and use finance, which may create a trail for investigators (Howard & Sawyer, 2003, p.51). FINITE stands for “financial intelligence”, which is the term mostly used in the judicial sphere, it concerns the process and strategies of accumulation of information that involves financial operations or organizations that present interest for government in terms of terroristic intentions. Two basic tactics are known in the framework of financial intelligence: “follow the money” and “dry up the money”. The first tactic is aimed at the discovery of evidence that may be used in the court, and it is worth mentioning that the tactics will be effective in case if it is necessary to exploit a financial source. If it is assumed that it is impossible to stop the flow of money in support of terrorism, there will be two basic goals for counterterrorist activity: either to disrupt or to dismantle it. Since disruption is exercised by means of designating either individuals or institutions as those that are connected with terrorism, the only possible consequences of these tactics may be a temporary suspension of financing terrorists and “the rise of price” of terrorism. Since this strategy provides only temporary results, dismantling seems to be more effective. These tactics are aimed at putting a financial network out of business but, at the same time, the goal is hardly achievable. This is why the first tactics may be considered more appropriate.

Terrorist acts are usually very disastrous when successful. Since the government has no right to risk the lives of the citizens, counterterrorism policy should be developed and improved. Great work is being done to struggle against terrorism, as “Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004” suggests. Anti-terrorist measures include immigration control, custom inspection, reinforcement of risk management systems at international airports, etc. (O’Connor 2009). However, if there were only one thing to fix to stop terrorists, it should be a thing of global importance. The evil should be crushed in the bud, and if we take into account that every activity should be financed nowadays, it becomes clear, that to stop terrorism means to stop its financial support. In the light of the above-mentioned ideas of the imperfection of governmental tactics towards terrorists’ financing, it is evident that the sphere needs special attention. Thus, judicious enforcement of criminal statutes concerning financial crimes in relation to terrorist activity is reasonable (O’Connor 2009).

The issue of agroterrorism as well as the issue of super terrorism is of vital importance by reason of their destructive force. Agroterrorist act may be defined as intentionally planned action that is aimed at the creation of economic damage, instability, and instillation of fear among the population as the consequence of the intentional spread of plant or animal disease. Since this type of terrorism concerns the agricultural sphere, the measures of its prevention are decentralized; this may be explained by the decentralization and diverse nature of agriculture. As for super terrorism, the term means terrorist acts that presuppose the usage of chemical, biological or nuclear weapons; that absolutely explains and justifies the meaning of the term since the population and area that can suffer if such act occurs will be vast and the consequences will be long-term. Thus, the essence of the notions of these types of terrorism explains the counterterrorism strategies that exist. For reversing this, it is necessary to change the way agroterrorism and super terrorism are perceived now and to create special organizations that will cooperate with the existing ones but will focus their activity on the areas that remained unexplored till present.

Terrorist acts are possible if there are breaches in border security of the country, this is why border security is the cornerstone of terrorism prevention. However, the issue of border security is a very controversial area as policymakers should establish priorities between security and such economically important areas as traveling and international trading. Besides, border security should not interfere with the civil liberties of citizens. Since border security is urgent for the prevention of terrorism, it is administered at two levels: by consuls who issue a visa to a foreign citizen who has the intention to come to the USA and by specialized ports of entry, which exercise secondary document control of an immigrating or traveling person. The limits of border security should be strict and effective, still, the cases when a person is forbidden in the country should not be subjective and they should not violate human rights. Besides, border security should not stifle international commerce and relations.


Drawing a conclusion, it is necessary to state that the problem of terrorism prevention should receive the special attention of the government. Innovative strategies aimed at disruption and exhaustion of financial sources of terrorist groups are needed. The measures of prevention of agroterrorism and super terrorism also need reformation since the possible consequences of these threats are disastrous and global. Border security should be exercised taking into consideration two controversies: it should provide absolute protection of the citizens of the country but should not violate the rights of foreign citizens.

Reference List

Howard, R.D., & Sawyer R.L. (2003). Defeating Terrorism: Shaping the New Security Environment. Guilford, CT: The McGraw-Hill Companies.

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O’Connor, T.R. (2009). Bringing Terrorists to Justice: Investigation and Adjudication. Delhi: IA Books.

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