Truck Choosing: Ford, Chevy, and Dodge


Choosing a truck is often a difficult task due to the abundance of available options. Of course, every person chooses a vehicle to his/her taste. Some people want to get a powerful and conservative truck, while some are looking for a fast and modern vehicle.

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Leaders of the market are Ford, Chevy, and Dodge trucks (Williams par. 1). Therefore, it is possible to note that Ford, Chevy, and Dodge trucks have characteristics valued by customers and it is easy to purchase a perfect car for a person who knows what he/she expects from the vehicle.


At present, lots of people (especially youth) are looking for fast trucks. These people want to have a vehicle which is fast and which has a significant towing capacity. Ford is a sporty truck which can attract speed lovers (“2013 Ram 1500”). Thus, if a person needs a sporty truck, Ford is a good choice.


It is also necessary to note that Ford trucks have been the most popular trucks. When it comes to sales, Ford cars are leading (Williams). The fact that Ford trucks are popular among customers makes it clear that the vehicle is reliable and meets people’s expectations.


It is also necessary to note that Ford trucks have significant torque. Thus, maximum torque is 677 FT-LBs (“Ford, Chevy and Dodge”). Of course, torque is one of the most valued characteristics in trucks as it is associated with the truck’s capacity.


Chevy is often regarded as a good old American truck. It is seen as a conservative “old-school” truck, which is reliable and safe (Williams). Lots of people value these characteristics in a pickup, which is created to transport people and loads.

A Modern Touch

Notably, Chevy trucks also possess certain ‘modern’ characteristics, which make the vehicle modern and up-to-date. Thus, the cars have a digital display, which makes control over the vehicle easier and more enjoyable.

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EcoBoost Engine

One of the advantages of the truck is its EcoBoost engine. This technology enables to reduce greenhouse emissions, which is valued by lots of people. This is especially important for young people who tend to be more eco-friendly.


Price becomes one of the most important characteristics of a car during financial constraints. Admittedly, the US economy is facing hard times, and people try to find a better bargain. Dodge is a good option for them as the vehicle can be bought for $43,615 (“2013 Ram 1500”). This is cheaper than the prices of Ford and Chevy trucks.


Dodge looks posh as it combines characteristics of a truck and muscle car. For instance, it has 8-speed automatic transmission a key to start the car, and it feels like a driver is in a jag, not a truck (“2013 Ram 1500”). This can attract a lot of customers who want a combination of style and towing capacity.


Finally, Dodge trucks have a great advantage for those who like easy driving and enjoyable rides. The automatic transmission enables the driver to focus on the road instead of thinking gears. It is fun to drive such a vehicle for many people.


On balance, it is possible to note that Ford, Chevy, and Dodge trucks possess characteristics which are valued by different people and customers can easily find the best option if they understand what they want from their car. Thus, ford is a conservative pick up; Ford is a sporty truck, and Dodge is a combination of the two.

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