Armed Hostilities

Versailles: The Allies’ Last Horrible Triumph

Table of Contents
  1. Provisions of the Treaty that will Hurt Germany’s Economy
  2. How would the Country have been Treated Differently?
  3. Higher “Fundamental Laws”
  4. Personal Point of View
  5. References

Provisions of the Treaty that will Hurt Germany’s Economy

Germany’s economy will be hurt by several provisions of the Treaty of Versailles. According to authors of the Comments of the German Delegation to the Paris Peace Conference on the Conditions of Peace (1919) document, the statement of “the consideration that there is no incontestable legal foundation for the obligation for reparation imposed upon Germany, the amount of such compensation is to be determined by a commission nominated solely by Germany’s enemies” might make the Germany bankrupt (p. 1).

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In particular, both international commerce along with the domestic commerce of the country will suffer. Another provision that will crucially hurt Germany’s economy is the reparation of the adjacent territories such as Alsace-Lorraine, for example. All in all, Germany is put in the role of the debtor before Europe.

How would the Country have been Treated Differently?

Based on the President Wilson’s idea of peace, namely, that the whole European system is to blame for the beginning of World War I, Germany hypothesized that it would not take the entire blame (Woodward, 2009). What is more, Germany might not let foreign countries build canals and control its rivers according to the principle of equality and participation in a common benefit stated by President Wilson.

Higher “Fundamental Laws”

With the aim of strengthening German assertions, the complaint appeals to the higher “fundamental laws” that are understood as the right for self-determination and self-preservation. The document pinpoints the disagreement with the facts that France will receive Alsace and Lorraine while Saar will be under the control of the League of Nations (Hansen & Curtis, 2010). In other words, Germany claims that it is impossible to have the population torn away from the motherland, violating the rights mentioned above. The most disrespect is shown in the separation of Danzig from Germany.

It is also quite significant to point out that the industrial town of Memel, as well as plenty of other territories to be exacted from the country and joined to others, may be seen as losing their right of self-determination. Additionally, the document criticizes the paramount aim of the Versailles Treaty that is the democratization of Germany by means of various provisions. Germany states that provisions contribute to the dictatorial power and exploitation of Germany and its population rather than to appropriate measures devoted to the democratization.

Personal Point of View

In my opinion, World War I made an unspeakable disaster upon the whole world. It goes without saying that casualties were numerous. However, it is of great importance to make considered decisions leading to peace and harmony between countries. In this connection, I think that Germany was not poorly treated as provisions of the Versailles Treaty established peace in the world for some time.

Perhaps, only the point concerning the right for self-determination might be considered as the unfair one. I agree with the authors that every nation should have a right to determine where to live. Generally speaking, defenders of the Treaty might review some provisions in response, particularly, the right for self-determination as I stated before. All in all, Comments of the German Delegation to the Paris Peace Conference on the Conditions of Peace aims at protecting the German population and achieving a minimum of losses. However, Germany should pay off for all the harm.

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