Armed Hostilities

War Against Terrorism and Social Injustices


Terrorism and war against terrorism are becoming a much discussed phenomena around the world. War against terrorism is given primary importance by many developed countries. But the consequences of war against terrorism are affecting the lives of more people than ever. The focus should be to put an end to terrorism and not to promote it by hurting the feelings of others. Countries fighting terrorism should be more vigilant and should have a positive attitude towards all human beings irrespective of the nationality and religion. Care should be taken to prevent this injustice to mankind and not to worsen it.

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The Thesis

The famous English mystery novelist Agatha Christie in her Autobiography noted that “One is left with the horrible feeling now that war settles nothing; that to win a war is as disastrous as to lose one” (Quotation Details). Wars and their consequences have always been recognized as the most notorious social injustice to mankind. Terrorism and war against terrorism are becoming a much discussed phenomena around the world. But, is the war against terrorism effective? Has it really done justice to mankind? The honest answer would be no. Terrorism is a serious social injustice and is seen as a grave problem by all national leaders. But, is the war against terrorism carried out by the western countries as an effective measure to end terrorism? Or is it really worsening the conditions by doing more injustice?

Example 1

How would the US and UK explain the killing of almost 3400 innocent Afghan civilians from October 2001 to March 2002 in their air bombing? If several innocent civilians are killed by the US, it is explained as supporting propaganda. If a few Americans are killed by a bomber, it is terrorism. Several lame excuses are given for the mass bombing by the US and UK military offices like weak targeting, occasional human error, malfunctioning of the equipments, use of outdated Soviet maps etc., all by one of the most developed countries in the world which boasts of having state- of-the-art cutting edge technologies and war crafts. The stunning truth is that very low value is given to the lives of the Afghan civilians by the US and UK military intellects and the elite politicians. Countries fighting terrorism should be more vigilant and should have a positive attitude towards all human beings irrespective of the nationality and religion.

Example 2

The most gruesome face of the war against terrorism is the press reports released on the activities in the Abu Ghraib Jail in Bagdad. The world was shocked with the reports and photographs of sexual and physical abuse, including rapes and homicides of the inmates of the Abu Ghraib jail by the Military Police Company and the US army. It is seen as a much more serious offence than the 9/11 attack. Although stringent measures were taken against the officers responsible for this cruelty, the anger and insult inflicted on the dignity of the Iraqis will add more fuel to the revenge against western countries. These acts will only worsen terrorism.

Example 3

The 9/11 attack is seen by the world as the worst terrorist activity. It was really a very gruesome attack that everyone remembers that day with a shiver. The attack changed the entire outlook of the Muslim community around the world, especially in the western countries. Countries like the US and several European countries started showing a negative attitude towards Muslims. The Muslim immigrants and Asians as a whole are being discriminated in the western nations. Insulting them in public and turning down job offers have become more prevalent. Muslims in foreign countries are facing an identity crisis. The reason stated is the growing Islamic extremism. This injustice should be stopped. Not all Muslims or Asians are terrorists. A majority of them lead a peaceful life, with families and are one of the most hospitable, loyal and friendly people. The prejudices against the Islamic community should be ended. The focus should be to put an end to terrorism and not to promote it by hurting the feelings of others.


Cruelty against civilians or discrimination against Muslims or Asians is not the right measure to prevent terrorism. Terrorism by itself is the outcome of serious social injustices faced by several communities. Doing more injustice will only worsen the condition. National leaders worldwide should take more effective measures to prevent terrorism. Negotiations can be made with the leaders of the extremists groups and plausible solutions can be developed to end terrorism. The war against terrorism will become endless unless an ideal solution is found and so will be the injustice to mankind. As the French author philosopher Albert Camus quotes “In such a world of conflict, a world of victims and executioners, it is the job of thinking people, not to be on the side of the executioners.” (War Quotes).

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