Armed Hostilities

War in Iraq: End This War


The war in Iraq has never benefited either any of the two parties mainly the US and its allies versus Iraq. It is still fresh in mind that the current conflict going on in this oil rich nation is the second attempt of The US and its main associates principally the United Kingdom, Denmark, Poland and Australia to invade this nation. It started some years back when the US claimed that this Islamic country was in possession of deadly weapons that could cause mass destruction and was a great danger to the American safety and its interests wherever they are all over the world.

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The famous operation Iraqi freedom was launched in the early months of the year 2003.Allied troops led by the US invaded Iraq mercilessly at all angles, hoping that they will free the Iraqi people from the tyrant dictator Saddam Hussein. All the intelligence gathered were backed by the British and Germans. Countries like Russia said that Iraq was an associate to the dreaded Alqaeda Terror gang.

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The world governing body; the United Nations approved for an earlier weapons inspection, to determine the truth, but there was no concrete evidence found to convict Iraq. So why was it necessary for these aggressive nations to attack Iraq? Indeed accusing finger was directed to this nation concerning their support to Palestinian suicide bombers but no proof has been availed. It is alleged that the president of the US was given flawed intelligence by his advisers and high ranking officials, who felt Iraq was intolerable.

The assault had numerous armed objectives, followed from input points laid exposed in President Bush’s general safety policy. The main agenda was to get purge of Iraq’s alleged arsenal of bunch demolition; to investigate for, slay, confine and constrain away Muslim terrorists to obtain aptitude connected to fanatic networks; to obtain in sequence linked to a supposed of arms of throng devastation, to allocate compassionate help to Iraqis in requirements; to make safe Iraq’s oil fields and other possessions; and, possibly the to help the Iraq citizens in electing a sensibly delegate regime that may be a replica for other nations in the heart Arabian Gulf. That was the assignment. The incursion was a quick and vital procedure that flowed like a river.

The well-planned invasion went ahead and they reported quick defeat of Saddam and his army, but that has not brought any meaningful changes or peace in Iraq. So who can convince the world that it was necessary to wage a massive war? To this present day it can be confirmed that President Bush got exaggerated claims that indeed were never true. The war in Iraq has caused heavy casualties to the US army and the common man in Iraq for no apparent reason.

There many questions that are on the table to be answered and little steps have been taken to address the lying issues. Different opinions are aired that the US and its allies were only interested on the black gold(oil) of Iraq, while others say that they just wanted to ouster President Saddam Hussein for they made him king but was now defiant.


Some few years after the war there are many leakages that actually prove that indeed the intended war has more adverse effects than tangible gains. The people of Iraq have suffered and still suffering to date. The Americans on the other hand, has had the highest casualties ever recorded even though the official war is over. Women and children are affected to the limit with little hope in the future. Uprisings of rebel type groups, the not ceasing shootings, the way-side landmines, and many more endless atrocities inflicted in this once steady nation will never go down the drain in search hurry. There are concerns raised following heavy American casualties in Baghdad.

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Not even a single day passes without any incident of violence or death to a soldier. Why can men and women of great integrity from America, raise their voices and take back home the innocent soldiers that had good intentions at first but are now facing endless difficulties for no perceptible reason? It is very clear that even the Iraqi people do not want their prolonged stay, because they see it as a threat to civilians’ lives, due to sudden attacks between the insurgents and the allied forces.

We can not forget Saddam was a dictator; but why can’t the Iraqi people harmonize their internal relation to restore calm? This is now the right time that the world in general must come with a solution to end this non-profit making war to a halt. Some experts say that; what might have brought back insurgency in Iraq Immediately after the main war could have been the much anticipated change that they expected, and has not taken the right direction.

The break down on service delivery, the collapse to restore essential services and the renovation of severely damaged infrustacture is not prioritized. The native also think that due to the available natural resources especially oil, there oppressors might take long before they pulling out, and so they are reacting.

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