Armed Hostilities

World War I: Wilson Woodrow and League of Nations

Table of Contents
  1. Introduction
  2. The first major war
  3. The end of the war
  4. References


This is an essay that generally talks about some of the events as it appertains to world war I. In it, there is a discussion about Wilson Woodrow and his fight for the League of Nations. Also, the issues that dragged America into the war and the aftermath of the war are discussed.

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The first major war

The First World War was the first major war that the world ever saw which involved the most powerful countries in the world then. These countries joined to form two sides which made the war even worse since countries had to choose sides.

America had tried much to stay out of the war up to a day that will be remembered by Americans on the mention of the First World War. This day was on April seventeenth, 1917. America carried on with trade with the countries that were in the war though America itself was not in the war then.

When Germany engaged in submarine warfare in an unrestricted way, many U.S naval ships were attacked and America could not hold back anymore and therefore it had to enter the war by joining the allies. Germany’s use of U-Boats that attacked even neutral ships around the British area was the ultimate cause for America to declare war on Germany. Woodrow Wilson was in control of the situation in line with the constitution as in the foreign policy

The First World War was seen as the last of all wars and was intended to end early but the end did not come until 11th November 1918. In 1914 Wilson sent col. Edward to Europe as an ambassador of peace. Latter he sent Bryan as a mediator in Europe. Wilson convinced members of the house that the league was necessary for peace. He presented the league draft to a peace conference on 14th Feb.1919. The league would have a body of delegates, a permanent secretariat, and an executive council.

Wilson had generated a fourteen-point plan that he hoped would bring peace and stability to Europe. However, this plan was further discussed by Orlando of Italy, Woodrow Wilson of Lloyd, George of England, and Clemenceau of France. What finally came out as the Versailles treaty was very different from the original plan.

The end of the war

The end of the war came with the signing of the treaty by Germany on 28th June 1919. In the treaty: Germany was forced to accept responsibility for causing the war and to pay for damages resulting from the war and the overall cost of the war. The German navy was to be dissolved and its army reduced to 100,000 men. The German state was reduced and France and Italy were enlarged. The world’s economy was boosted. However, people who experienced the war were affected psychologically and mistrusted the leaders. Socialistic ideas were further enhanced and they spread out to many countries. More liberal governments have established the world over and Germany’s separate treaties with Hungary and. Austria was ratified. Europe was the most affected by the losses caused by the war.

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